This Man Is The World’s Poorest President, But The Reason Why He’s Poor Will Surprise You.

You might not believe it, but Jose Mujica, president of Uruguay since 2010, is known to be the world’s poorest president.

Jose donates more then of 90% of his $12,000 per month salary to benefit the poor and to help small entrepreneurs. If we need more of anything in this world, it would be more people like this!

This man doesn’t put value on his appearance or clothes. He is criticized for his posture and clothes, but Jose puts more value on other things in life instead.

Before his presidency, he was a guerilla fighter for Tupamaros, which acted like “Robin hood.” They literally robbed evil banks, gun clubs, and other businesses to give to the poor. He truly believed that his value was not in gaining more money, it was in the wellbeing of his country and people. He was imprisoned 2 times for a total of 14 years and shot 6 times after an escape attempt, But he still continues to fight for the people even in his high office now as president of Uruguay.

Mujica could live in this beautiful Presidential house, but has chosen a more humble place to live. He is a honest example of a president that gives up his own comfort for the wellbeing of others.

…And this is where he lives, on a farm with his wife and dog. He is also working to change the fancy presidential house into a museum that pays honor to past presidents. There’s no reason for money, fame, and a nice place to sleep when you can be humble and live on a farm. This president lives the life!

His part time farming job, keeps him aware of the struggles and life that most other people of his country go though. He also grows and then sells flowers from his farm. You can see him frequently driving his old 1987 Volkswagon Beetle. He doesn’t need a fancy Bentley, because he doesn’t care about having a extravagant appearance. His people are what matters and what matters are his people.

Jose’s protection consists of two guards and his 3 legged dog named Manuela.

Even though he is known as the poorest president, he strongly disagrees. He says, “I’m not the poorest president. The poorest is the one who needs a lot to live… My lifestyle is a consequence of my wounds. I’m the son of my history. There have been years when I would have been happy just to have a mattress.”

This president’s example is a testament to how we should live our lives. We don’t need more things to be happy. In fact, some of the most wealthy people in the world, have their wealth stored in the currency of unselfishness, kindness, and true love.

Maybe its time for a change? The world needs more people like this. Don’t you agree?

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